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KTO Theatre joins New Year's Eve party in Krakow!

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Add date: Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Krakow party on the New Year's Eve night is approaching. The KTO Theatre also joins this mutual celebration by contributing its best thing: its acclaimed show Peregrinus.

On New Year's Eve at 9 p.m., the KTO Theatre will present its new night version of Peregrinus on the Main Market Square! This performance was inspired by poetic works of T.S. Eliot. The show received the award of the Tony Bulandra Theatre for the best street performance at Babel Fast in Târgovişte (Romania) in 2016. It has been presented in England, Croatia, Iran, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Romania, Italy, USA, Korea, Georgia and in many cities in Poland.

Peregrinus depicts a single day in the life of an individual of the 21st century somewhere outside Krakow. The contemporary “Everyman”, whose life is “suspended” between Home and Work for a corporation, identifies his or her “pathway through life” as a “pathway to work”. The world of Peregrinus is a “digital” civilization – sad, terrifying and grotesque, where consumerism turns into a dominant religion. The performance will show us that it is worth enjoying the time spend with our loved ones – for example, on occasions such as the New Year's Eve party in Krakow.
The performance will be followed by a 45-minute technical break, after which Charlie will appear on stage to warm the audience up before the concert of the XXANAXX band. On the New Year's Eve party in Krakow, the band will play as a quartet featuring Wojciech Baranowski (keyboards) and Gniewomir Tomczyk (percussion, samples). All of those artists will perform against the background of the beautifully illuminated Cloth Hall.

As in previous years, entrance to all events of the New Year's Eve party in Krakow is free.
The events are organised by the City of Krakow and the Krakow Festival Office. Arcelor Mittal wishes you a wonderful time.

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