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Boba Jazz Band

Boba Jazz Band is one of the best Polish and leading European bands performing traditional swinging jazz in its purest form!

This much with regard to critics’ recommendation...


Bovska is considered one of the most important musical debuts of 2016. The first edition of her debut album “Kaktus” sold out in two days. Bovska’s songs had gained record popularity online before the premiere, the number of views having reached over 14 million to date. This number grows steadily. The artist received gold record for selling over 10,000 copies of the single “Kaktus.”


Four fellows in suits playing psychodelic swing mingled with rockabilly, boogie, rhythm and blues. They dig up old American pieces and unearth gramophone records and video games to sing them with many vocal parts and give them dance forms.


Groh – began in the crazy nineties: concerts, events, first vinyl records shopping. 

Kasia Moś

Polish representative during the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev, with the song “Flashlight” – a joint Polish-Swedish-English composition. 

Krystyna Prońko

Krystyna Prońko is a graduate of the Faculty of Jazz and Entertainment Music of the Academy of Music in Katowice (1979 diploma with the award from the then Rector, Henryk Górecki).

Krzysztof Chwaliński

Krzysztof Chwaliński – journalist at RMF MAXXX radio. Sociologist by education, radio journalist, musician and photographer by avocation. 

Krzysztof Grabowski

Actor of Stefan Żeromski Theatre in Kielce. Graduate of the PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Wrocław. Doctoral student of literary studies.


Łukasz Rostkowski, aka L.U.C – music producer, composer, lyricist, singer and video clip director. Founder, singer and co-producer of Kanał Audytywny musical project.

Łona i Webber

Łona and Webber – are a duet from Szczecin formed by rapper Adam “Łona” Zieliński and producer Andrzej “Webber” Mikosz.

Natalia Nykiel

Natalia Nykiel put out her new and much-awaited album “Discordia” on 20 October, while her exclusive “Total Tour” is now underway.


Olivia is a DJ in full meaning of that term and a worshipper of vinyl record cult.


Rasmentalism – is a duet of vocalist Ras, and producer Ment XXL. 

Szpaku & Chory Band

The band came into existence in 2011 on the occasion of a concert promoting the first legal publication by Szpak entitled “Kontrast”.

Ten Typ Mes

Ten Typ Mes is an all-round artist with ten records to his credit (including two gold records) freely mixing rap with electronic music, g-funk, and jazz.

Waldemar Domański

Director of the Library of Polish Song, the originator of the Singing Lessons initiative, a expert in Polish music.

Wojciech Pijanowski

Wojciech Pijanowski (born 1 November 1951 in Warsaw) – a Polish TV presenter, producer, charade enthusiast, author of many TV quiz shows and brain-teasers.

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