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They still have a craving for music
Add date: Monday, 26 May 2014

If you ask me, I shaved today and I saw my face in the mirror. Perhaps I wasn’t too pleased with my looks. When singing that one needs to know when to leave the stage, undefeated, I was wondering when this would happen. But not yet. Anyway, I no longer worry about the good looks of Perfect. There is nothing to worry about – they are gone. The band’s condition is good, though. Many life opportunities are shrinking, but we still have a craving for music – Grzegorz Markowski, frontman of Perfect, tells Jacek Cieślak about their new album, his endless craving for music, but also about acquaintances and settling accounts in one’s life, on the pages of Rzeczpospolita daily.

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Fryderyk Awards 2014 awarded. Great success of Dawid Podsiadło!
Add date: Friday, 25 Arpil 2014

On 24th April the Congress Hall in Warsaw was a venue for the award of Fryderyks – Poland’s top music award. At the award’s 20th anniversary gala, the unquestionable winner in the pop music category was Dawid Podsiadło. The artist received four statuettes in the following categories: Best Album (for Comfort and Happiness), Best Vocalist, Newcomer and Best Song for his Trójkąty i kwadraty (Triangles and Squares).

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MROZU presents his new single Nic do stracenia (Nothing to Lose)!
Add date: Friday, 18 Arpil 2014

Łukasz MROZU Mróz presents his new single! Nic do stracenia promotes his newly released album Rollercoaster. The piece is performed with the Sound'n'Grace Gospel choir. The new record is a fine, eclectic compilation, full of various emotional turning points, a treat even for a more demanding listener.

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Blizna (Scar) - Tatiana Okupnik’s new record
Add date: Friday, 11 Arpil 2014

Earlier I used to hide behind English and French, and in my songs I played with vocals and arrangements rather than focusing on the message. But at this point of life words and emotions are the most important. Paweł Gzyl from Gazeta Krakowska daily talks with Tatiana Okupnik – a vocalist, songwriter and composer, one of the stara of last year’s New Year’s Eve concert – about here new record and how it was created.

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Dawid Podsiadło wins a Wiktor!
Add date: Tuesday, 1 Arpil 2014

The vocalist, one of the stars of the last year’s New Year’s Eve concert in Krakow was honoured with the Wiktor award of the Wiktory Academy, in the Best Song Star category. Congratulations!

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